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Isabella Melody is an internationally recognised photojournalist with an eye for discovering honest untold stories in people and nature. An artist with roots in Australian and Peruvian soil, she is inspired by the culture of her Afro-Latina ancestors as much as the customs of urban strangers. Vibrant and colourful yet raw and sweet, she captures the imperfect beauty of the natural world and the fleeting moments that make us human.

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  • 'There's a wonderful honesty about your photos that I just adore'
    Fez Platt

  • 'You share an amazing personal journey through your art'
    Priscilla Pek

  • 'Through your eyes, you make me discover in a nice and elegant way places that I will never see in my life. Thanks!'

  • 'Finding things that might be overlooked, underrated or missed'
    The Dahlia Diary


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